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Customer experience

Mr & Mrs Doak

 My husband, Corey, always wanted a bird dog to go hunting with. We  have a little Yorkshire terrier, but she was not very helpful in the  woods! haha I decided to surprise him with a puppy for Christmas in  2013. I actually found Denna's add for puppies on Kijiji. Once I spoke  with her, I knew she was the right breeder for us. She was beyond  accommodating and helpful. Since I lived too far away to go visit my  little pup, I facetimed with her and my little Brittany. Corey was  beyond surprised on Christmas when he opened up an album full of puppy  pictures that Denna provided me with and at the end of December our  little girl was ready to go. We drove to Ontario from New Brunswick to  pick up Nova. We were so impressed with Denna and her family's hands on  care of the puppies. The pups were so loved and cared for and was clear  to see. They were so welcoming to us in their home. You hear horror  stories of puppy mills or people who breed puppies and do not take good  care of them. This was not the case. You could tell that they were  raised 100% inside their home and not out in a barn somewhere. Nova was  up to date on all her shots and was seen regularly by a vet. She was  potty trained and we had barely  any accidents with her at all. Denna  sent Nova with a blanket and toy with her and Nova's mother's scent so  she would not be so lonely. Nova has been a wonderful addition to our  family! Nova has the sweetest personality. She loves to cuddle and  thinks she is a lap dog. She has been a great companion for Corey when  he goes hunting and was easily trained. We have not had any health  issues with Nova except for the odd ear infection which is quite normal  for dogs. Our home would not be our home without Nova in it. I would  highly recommend Rancourt Brittany's to anyone who wants a beautiful,  sweet, well behaved dog!!

Rachel and Corey Doak, New Brunswick 

Brittany Jane, Sioux Lookout , ON

 This is our boy Beau! He is two years old as of November 2015 and is  from Rancourt Brittany's in Fergie and Ripples litter from 2013.
We  love our boy and wish we could clone him! He is very, very energetic but  we live an active lifestyle and he fits in perfectly. We take him  kayaking, camping, fishing and most importantly hunting. He is very  adaptable and accommodates himself to whatever we do. He is intelligent  and always willing to learn, we only have to teach him something once or  twice and he internalizes it. Beau has been known to be curious and get  into things he isn't supposed to but we're working on that. But when  they're this cute how can you discipline them.
Working with Denna was  great! We live in Northwestern Ontario and she gave us all the  information and materials we needed to get Beau here safely. Beau is our  first pup so she let us know all the ins and outs of taking care of  Brittany's. It was also very comforting that she wanted to FaceTime us  first to ensure we were acceptable "fur parents".
Overall, incredibly  overjoyed with our boy Beau and the experience with Rancourt  Brittany's. The only issue we have is constantly seeing the new pups on  the Facebook page because we want more! 

Fred, Owen Sound

 Hi Denna I'd be pleased to allow pictures of this wonderful bird dog to  be used on your web site. Like I mentioned in my previous email to you,  the bird hunting abilities is certainly strong in Fergie, and reflects  well for another aspect to be promoted in your Brit's. I'm sure there  are many hunters that when searching for another companion/bird dog,  would appreciate knowing this fact about your Brit's. I'm also sending  you a few more action pictures of Fergie working in the field. Enjoy,  and thanks again for allowing me to have a most wonderful companion and  hunting partner. Regards... 

B. Pearce Wellesley ON

 We just picked up our new puppy, Remy and we couldn't be more pleased.  Thanks so much to Rancourt Brittany's. This has truly been an amazing  experience. I can honestly say that they LOVE each and everyone of their  pups and raise them for the first 8 weeks as part of their family.  Throughout the past 8 weeks we received frequent updates from Denna as  well as videos and pictures. We always were welcome to visit her and the  pups as well, so we were able to see first hand the amazing job she  does raising these pups. Our visits gave us a chance to meet the pups  mom, dad and even grandmother!! I would highly recommend them if you are  looking for a Brittany. Thanks again Denna for your great service and  for the love and affection you gave Remy for the first 8 weeks of his  life. 

N. Scott ON

 A huge thank you to Rancourt Brittany's for all of the help in bringing  our new puppy home. Their process is second to none as we were apart of  the process since the pups were born. Wonderful puppy from wonderful  people!